introduction about WGSensor Technology


(WGSensor Technology) was established in 2015, WGSensor Technology is an IoT ecological cluster company. The company is a national high-tech enterprise with sensor as the core, using IOT, cloud computing, big data, AI and other technologies for development and application.
WGSensor Technology will always take gas sensing as the core, build consumer IOT and home environment scenario applications, after continuous accumulation of technological innovation, with a full industrial chain of R & D and production capacity. Product services cover intelligent security, fire, gas, anti-theft, care, energy, environmental monitoring, intelligent farming, intelligent planting and other sensors, to achieve for intelligent fire, gas safety, home environment, intelligent elderly, intelligent hotels, intelligent electricity, intelligent agriculture and many other areas to provide one-stop overall solutions. WGSensor Technology has built up a perfect industry ecological cluster through IOT technology. Based on WGSensor Technology’s star map platform, it realizes instant, remote and convenient value-added cloud data services. WGSensor Technology, guarding security guardian home.
Vision: To become a company with environmental safety and health as the core IoT ecological cluster Let employees with career pursuit live a happy life
Mission: To achieve industrial growth for customers (ecology) to create quality life for people (consumption) and technology innovation
Values: Positive thinking, altruism, value creation

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