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  • Inheriting the past and ushering in the future, build a new chapter of development together-Weiguo Technology’s 2023 semi-annual business analysis meeting was successfully held

      On July 11, Vigo Technology held the 2023 semi-annual business analysis meeting. Liu Ruiling, vice president of Hanwei Technology Group, Jin Xin, general manager of Weiguo Technology, and all staff attended the meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to review the work results in the first half of the year, sum up experience and lessons, analyze the advantages and disadvantages, and plan the development goals for the second half of the year according to the new market environment and strategic direction. At the meeting, the heads of each department reported their work in turn. General Manager Jin Xin commented on the content of the report one by one, Vice President Liu Ruiling made valuable suggestions, and all staff of Vigo Technology listened carefully and thought positively. Jin Xin, general manager of Vigo Technology, pointed out that the overall environment has never been the decisive factor for the success of a project. Wego Technology always maintains the original passion and dream, constantly optimizes and integrates company resources, and constantly explores and develops suitable development strategies. As long as we maintain confidence, we will surely succeed. Liu Ruiling, vice president of Hanwei Technology Group, highly affirmed the business layout of...

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