intelligent fire protection

  • WGSensor Technology’s intelligent fire protection Internet of Things monitoring cloud platform, to achieve “human, physical and technical defense” three-dimensional management

    Fire safety is an important part of the government’s social management and public services, and is an important guarantee of social stability and economic development. With the acceleration of China’s urbanization process and the improvement of people’s living standards, various factors affecting fire safety interact and intertwine with each other. So that fire safety is also getting more and more attention from the government and relevant enterprise departments, and the further improvement of prevention and control ability in the face of disasters, intelligent firefighting is also gradually becoming an indispensable force in firefighting work. For the current traditional fire self-enclosed, independent of each other, and insufficient networking, fire detection inaccuracy and other shortcomings, Vigo Technology independently designed and developed a set of intelligent fire IOT monitoring cloud platform! According to the relevant national norms and standards, WGSensor Technology‘s intelligent fire protection IOT monitoring cloud platform is designed for the characteristics of fire protection supervision and maintenance, combined with the current technical status of the fire alarm system, using advanced IOT technology combined with cloud platform, big data, mobile IOT and other multimedia, operating through a variety of communication means to solve the integration of fire safety and fire, normalization of...

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