What’s NDIR?


NDIR stands for Non-Dispersive Infrared, and it refers to a type of gas detection technology used to measure the concentration of gases in the air. NDIR sensors are commonly employed in various applications, including environmental monitoring, industrial safety, and indoor air quality assessment.


Here’s a brief overview of how NDIR technology works:

Infrared Light Source: NDIR sensors utilize an infrared light source, typically an infrared emitter such as an IR LED.

Gas Absorption: The sensor emits infrared light through the sample gas. Certain gases absorb specific wavelengths of infrared light in a predictable way. Each gas has a unique absorption spectrum in the infrared region.

Detector: On the other side of the gas sample, there is an infrared detector that measures the amount of light that passes through the gas. The detector is sensitive to the specific wavelengths that the target gas absorbs.

Analysis: The amount of infrared light absorbed by the gas is proportional to the gas concentration. The sensor analyzes the difference in intensity between the emitted and received light to determine the gas concentration.


NDIR sensors are known for their accuracy, stability, and reliability in measuring the concentration of various gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and other hydrocarbons. They are commonly used in applications where precise monitoring of gas levels is crucial, such as in HVAC systems, industrial processes, and environmental monitoring equipment.


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