What is smoke alarm


The smoke alarm is actually another name for smoke or smoke alarm. The smoke alarm realizes fire prevention by monitoring the concentration of smoke. It uses an ion smoke sensor inside. The ion smoke sensor is a kind of advanced technology and stable work. Reliable sensors are widely used in various fire alarm systems, and their performance is far superior to gas sensitive resistor fire alarms.

Smoke alarms are widely used in fire alarm systems, and are installed in hotels, KTVs, households, office buildings, campuses, etc., especially for warehouses and libraries that are prone to fire. The smoke alarm is divided according to the sensitivity. If it is level I, smoking in the room can easily cause the alarm to alarm; that is to say, this level is very sensitive. If there is a fire, this level of alarm can leave sufficient time to put out the fire. . If it is a III alarm, then you can safely smoke in the room alone, but smoking with many people may cause an alarm.
How to make the smoke alarm not alarm:

Seal the smoke alarm with tape or plastic bag, the smoke sensor cannot receive smoke information;

Turn off the buzzer, the alarm cannot make a sound, this method is not suitable for linkage fire alarm system;

Remove the smoke alarm. For wireless independent smoke alarms, they can be removed if they are no longer needed.

Keeping the smoke alarm silent is not conducive to the fire safety in the room, so try not to use it. It is worth mentioning that most of the smoke alarms are independent weak current systems, cutting off the power supply in the room cannot make the smoke alarm not work. At present, there are three types of smoke alarms (smoke detectors) in China in terms of sound.

One is the bus intelligent smoke detector. The coded smoke detector in the fire protection system does not have a buzzer, that is, there is no sound. After an alarm, the light will flash and send a signal to the host.

The second is an independent smoke detector, powered by a 6F22 battery. Such a smoke detector must be equipped with a buzzer. When an alarm is issued, there will be sound and light on the scene, so the independent smoke detector is not allowed to take out the buzzer.

The third is the switch value/relay smoke detector (multi-wire smoke detector/4-wire smoke detector), which is mainly used for supporting security systems (anti-theft, monitoring, fire shutter systems, etc.).

This kind of smoke detector manufacturers usually have a buzzer when they leave the factory. If the sound is not needed, you can ask the manufacturer to remove the buzzer. In fact, this kind of product does not have a buzzer when it is exported. To remove the buzzer sound by personal operation, you need to remove the smoke detector, find the wiring of the buzzer, and just cut it off. It is not recommended for non-professionals to operate.

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