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  • WG800


    WG800 is a digital breath alcohol screener that quickly checks for the presence of alcohol, which is compatiable with smartphone App. It's lightweight, compact, and easy to use. Simply blow into the unit and within seconds the OLED displays the digital readout.

  • JKD602


    Our detector is a great household necessity to protect your families' safety, and it is also perfect for using in factory, school, bank, workshop, hotel and so on. It is highly sensitive with high stability, very easy to install with included screws.

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    WGH010 is Household Ceiling Economic Optical Smoke Alarm Detector which can detect the smoke in fire ground and timely send out the alarm signal. Passed EN14604 certificate. Suit for home, hotel, office, etc.

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    WGH006 smart Wi-Fi photoelectric smoke detector (hereinafter referred to as "alarm") is a household photoelectric smoke detector, which can detect the smoke generated in the early stage of a fire and issue sound and light alarms in time. Push the alarm information to the mobile APP.

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    The combustible gas detector with a measuring range LEL is made of high-quality gas sensor combined with advanced electronic technology for detecting gas leakage of natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas.

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    Airradio natural gas detector is for natural gas. If there is gas at home, once the concentration of the detected gas reaches the dangerous value, the detector will send out the audible and visual alarm signal, prompting you to take effective measures quickly to eliminate the danger and effective|y avoid the accidents such as fire and explosion.


WG Sensor WG7000 is professional Alcohol Tester in police road and other public safety industry.
Dolphin shape design with Fuel cell sensor and ot-Matrix colorful LCD.
Matrix red and green light corresponds to different results.
Flashlight makes WG7000 workable in midnight.
OEM and ODM are supported..

Sensor type Fuel cell
Detection range 0.00 - 0.40%BAC, 0.00-4.00‰BAC
0.00 - 2.00mg/L; 0.00 - 4.00g/L
Accuracy ± 0.01 at 0.05%BAC
Pre-set level 0.05%BAC; 0.50‰BAC; 0.25mg/L; 0.50g/L


Flashlight makes it workable in midnight

Dolphin shape design

Fuel cell sensor-accuracy and reliance

No need to warm-up, rapid test, result within 1 second

No need for mouthpieces, clean and hygiene

Matrix red and green light corresponds to different results

Traffic baton with white, green and red indication

Switchable result units(mg/l, g/l, %BAC, ‰BAC)and temperature scale(ºC, ºF)

WG7000 breath alcohol tester is very popular in Europe, such as Poland, Hungray, Spain and etc.  

This law enforcement breathalyzer (alcohol tester) is mainly for screening on the road side.



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