Technology of Hydrogen-Nitrogen Leak Detection


Hydrogen-nitrogen mixture gas is commonly used in leak detection technology, particularly for locating leaks in various systems. This technique, known as hydrogen leak detection, relies on the unique properties of hydrogen and its ability to efficiently detect even the smallest leaks. Here’s a brief overview of the hydrogen-nitrogen mixture gas leak detection technology:


Gas Mixture Preparation:
Hydrogen is typically mixed with nitrogen to form a safe and stable mixture. This mixture is introduced into the system or equipment undergoing leak testing.


System Pressurization:
The system is pressurized with the hydrogen-nitrogen mixture. The pressure helps to force any potential leaks to release the tracer gas.


Sensitive hydrogen sensors or detectors are strategically placed around the system. As hydrogen escapes through leaks, these sensors detect the presence of the gas.


Localization of Leaks:
By monitoring the concentration of hydrogen at different points, the location of the leak can be pinpointed. The concentration gradient helps identify the source and magnitude of the leak.


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