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  • The first training for new employees in 2023 was successfully completed.

    At the beginning of March, everything is new. At the advent of spring, WGSensor Technology ushered in a number of new employees, injecting new strength for the development of the company. In order to help new employees grow up quickly, help them understand, know and integrate into WGSensor as a big family effectively and complete the role conversion smoothly, WGSensor Technology organized the first phase of new employee training in 2023 on March 3. Jin Xin, general manager of Henan WGSensorIntelligent Technology Co., Ltd. firstly welcomed the new employees, told his own growth story in the workplace, cautioned the new colleagues about the importance of communication with colleagues in the workplace and leadership, and then introduced in detail the development strategic plan of WGSensor Technology in the past three years. After that, lecturers of each department conducted training and learning for new colleagues in various aspects of work, such as product, R&D and production. We hope that all colleagues can integrate into the company as soon as possible, take the company’s positive altruistic values as the guide, establish the concept of lifelong learning, and create value for society with WGSensor Technology together with technological innovation. Positive thinking and altruism, value...

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