Trax20 Combustible Monitors

  • Trax20 Combustible Monitors

    Trax20 Combustible Monitors Combustible gas monitors are used to detect flammable and highly combustible gases in hazardous areas. Utilizing a catalytic bead sensor, combustible gases can be detected in percent LEL (Lower Explosive Limit), or PPM, parts per million. Combustible gas monitors are suitable for locations such as power plants, refineries, natural gas locations, and the oil and gas industry, and anywhere combustible, toxic gases are present. The gas monitor is housed in an enclosure specifically designed to prevent an explosion. Combustible gas monitors should be placed in locations where gas is stored or used. Additionally, monitors should be placed in areas where a concentration of hazardous, combustible gas vapors may accumulate. Depending upon the density of the gas or vapor, dense gases will sink, while less dense gases will rise, will determine the number and location of the sensors.

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