Police in the UK have begun trialling new handheld breathalyser devices


Police in the UK have begun trialling new handheld breathalyser devices that can detect alcohol in a person’s system more accurately than ever before. The devices, which use infrared technology to analyse a person’s breath, have been developed by a UK-based technology firm and are currently being tested by police forces across the country.

The newbreathalysersare designed to be more accurate and reliable than existing devices, which can sometimes produce false readings. The infrared technology used in the new devices is able to differentiate between alcohol and other substances that can be present in a person’s breath, such as mouthwash or certain medications. This means that the new devices are less likely to produce false positive results.

The handheld devices are also faster than traditional breathalysers, producing results in just a few seconds. This will allow police officers to carry out more tests and identify drink drivers more quickly, helping to keep our roads safer.

According to the latest statistics, drink driving is still a major problem on UK roads, with an estimated 240 people being killed each year in drink drive accidents. The introduction of these new, more accurate breathalysers is just one of the ways in which police forces are working to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on our roads.

Speaking about the new devices, a spokesperson for the technology firm said: “We are delighted to be working with police forces across the UK to help make our roads safer. Our new breathalysers are faster, more accurate and more reliable than existing devices, and we believe that they will make a real difference in the fight against drink driving.”

The trial of the new devices is expected to last several months, after which time police forces will decide whether to roll them out more widely. If successful, the new breathalysers could become a key tool in the fight against drink driving, helping to save lives and prevent serious injuries on our roads


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