Can Cigarette Smoke Alarm detect vape and cigarette at the same time?


Cigarette smoke alarms are typically designed to detect particles and chemicals present in smoke produced by burning tobacco. Vape smoke, on the other hand, consists of different components and may not trigger traditional cigarette smoke alarms because it doesn’t produce the same particles or chemicals in the same quantities.


However, some advanced smoke detectors may be capable of detecting a broader range of particles and chemicals present in both traditional cigarette smoke and vape smoke. These detectors might use different technologies such as photoelectric or ionization sensors to detect particles in the air. Some may even have specific settings or modes designed to detect both cigarette and vape smoke.


It’s essential to check the specifications and capabilities of the specific smoke alarm you’re considering to determine whether it can detect both cigarette and vape smoke simultaneously. If you’re unsure, contacting the manufacturer or a knowledgeable sales representative would be a good idea.


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