AT8800 Police Breathalyzer


AT8800 Police Breathalyzer

Telephone keyboard operation make AT8800 has very outstanding and convenient operational function. Its core component adopts new Electrochemical Sensor which can measure accurately concentration of the breath alcohol, with strong anti-interface ability. It also has Bluetooth printing function, one-off anti-return mouthpiece ensures the health and safety of users.


Fuel cell sensor-accuracy and reliance

Passive and active test

Adjustable alarming threshold

Anti-backflow mouthpiece for health and safety

Colorful LCD indication and keyboard input

Real temperature and time indication

Switchable result units(mg/l, g/l, %BAC, ‰BAC)and temperature scale(℃, ℉)

Testing records (maximum 2000) review

Password management

Portable thermal printer and data uploading

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