What is the typical measurement range of consumer breath alcohol testers, and how are the results displayed to users?


The measurement range of consumer breath alcohol testers can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. However, many consumer breathalyzers are designed to measure blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in a range typically from 0.00% to 0.40%. Some models may have a wider or narrower range, so it’s important to check the specifications of the individual device.


Results from consumer breath alcohol testers are typically displayed as a numerical value representing the estimated BAC. The BAC is usually expressed as a percentage, and the numerical value indicates the concentration of alcohol in the bloodstream. Here are some common BAC levels and their corresponding impairment levels:


0.00% – Sober:

No measurable alcohol in the bloodstream.
0.01% – 0.05% – Minimal to Low:

Some individuals may start to feel relaxed, and inhibitions may be slightly lowered.
0.06% – 0.10% – Medium:

Impairment becomes more noticeable, with effects such as reduced coordination and reaction time.
0.11% – 0.20% – High:

Significant impairment in motor skills, decision-making, and coordination.
Above 0.20% – Very High:

Severe impairment with a high risk of accidents, blackouts, and loss of consciousness.


It’s essential to interpret the results of a consumer breathalyzer with caution, as these devices provide estimates and may not be as accurate as professional-grade equipment used by law enforcement. Additionally, factors such as individual tolerance, metabolism, and health conditions can influence how alcohol affects an individual.


The display format may vary among different breathalyzer models. Some devices have simple digital displays showing the numerical BAC value, while others may include additional features such as graphical indicators, warnings, or color-coded displays to make the results more easily understandable for users. Always refer to the user manual of the specific breathalyzer model for accurate interpretation of the results and any additional information provided by the manufacturer.


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