New Product | WGSensor Technology “Water Radio”, help aquaculture wisdom


Is this the fish pond you remember?
A pond with clear water and rippling blue waves
Is this what you remember of fish farming?
It is enough to have water
Aquaculture, is it really that simple?
Industry pain points
Traditional fishery farming requires farming personnel with rich experience, and through daily observation can solve part of the water quality problems. In order to master the data of the aquaculture environment, such as dissolved oxygen, PH, residual chlorine, ORP and other water quality indicators, but also can only rely on regular sampling and testing, which not only consumes a lot of human and material resources, but also can not do in a timely manner to grasp the subtle changes in the aquaculture environment, can not adjust the aquaculture environment in a timely manner. Aquaculture “hard, dirty, tired”, need to invest a lot of human costs, fisheries IOT perception layer equipment standards are not uniform, the cost is too high, aquatic growth model and agricultural data analysis mining has not been applied, the degree of wisdom is low.
However, in this era of wisdom and intelligence, fish farming can also be very worry-free.
The data tells us why we need intelligent farming
China’s fish production has been ranked first in the world for 33 consecutive years. According to the latest statistics, China’s total aquatic product production reached 66.93 million tons in 2021, with a per capita aquatic product possession of 47 kg, which is twice the world’s per capita level, and the supply is generally sufficient. China’s aquaculture species exceed 300 species, aquaculture production increased from 47.932 million tons in 2016 to 53.88 million tons in 2021. 2021 farmed aquatic products in production increased to 80.5%, an increase of 3.1% over the previous year, and is expected to further grow to 56.3 million tons in 2022. From this figure, China is also properly the world’s number one aquaculture country, accounting for about 60% of the world’s total aquaculture production.
WGSensor technology for aquaculture industry problems, the launch of new water radio multi-parameter water quality detector.
This is a multi-functional online water quality monitoring IOT device, the device is an integrated design, consisting of the host and sensors, under normal operation for the floating in the water state, through the sensor to achieve the detection of various parameters of the water body, can effectively help fishermen always pay attention to the water quality environment, through the sensor real-time online detection about the water quality environment needs to focus on the indicators.
Product advantages
High protection level (IP68) The use of suspended standard type body, can be directly put into the pool, easy to operate. Product toughness, aging resistance, collision resistance, wear resistance, host life of not less than 3 years The use of high-precision sensors, accurate data can seamlessly access any manufacturer oxygenator, to achieve linkage control Lightweight products, can quickly promote the application
Working principle
WGSensor technology water radio multi-parameter water quality detector adopts online continuous automatic analysis method, real-time monitoring of breeding water dissolved oxygen concentration, and automatic control of oxygenator and feeder to achieve intelligent management, optional conductivity, PH, ammonia nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, residual chlorine, ORP, turbidity and other water quality parameters for real-time monitoring. And send the data to the intelligent farming monitoring platform, real-time monitoring of the temperature, dissolved oxygen and other data in the region, and the data will be transmitted to the cloud platform through the network, real-time query of the monitoring parameters, curves, historical operation records and other information, when the value of the monitoring environment parameters exceed the set threshold, the system generates an alarm signal, and remote control of oxygenators, feeding machines, pump systems and other mechanical and electrical equipment, to fully realize the aquaculture Process, intelligent.
WGSensor Technology Water Radio Multi-parameter Water Quality Detector starts from water quality, through real-time monitoring of water quality indicators, timely regulation and treatment, effectively ensure the safety of water quality, but also for the green development of modern aquaculture provides a security guarantee.

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