Traffic Safety

  • WG800

    AT800 is a digital breath alcohol screener that quickly checks for the presence of alcohol, which is compatiable with smartphone App. It's lightweight, compact, and easy to use. Simply blow into the unit and within seconds the OLED displays the digital readout.

  • WG8020

    AT8020 is an advanced portable breath alcohol tester, its core component adopts new high-tech electrochemical sensor which can get more accurate alcohol concentration value, with strong anti-interference ability.

  • WG8030

    AT8030 adopts advanced electrochemical alcohol sensor, which has the advantages of high precision and strong stability. The device has the functions of blowing detection and blowing interruption prompt, storing the latest 10 test results, automatically turning off the backlight without operation and so on, which is a good choice to protect your health and safety.

  • WG8070

    AT8070 adopts High tech electrochemical alcohol sensor is used to quickly detect the alcohol content in exhaled air with strong anti-interference.

  • WG8080

    AT8080 is a portable alcohol detector, with the characteristics of light weight, easy to use, high accuracy and stability. Which is your intelligent device to protect your health and safety.

  • WG188

    WG188 consumer breath alcohol tester is a smart and portable alcohol screener. It has good sensitivity and repeatability. Its compact design and small size are very convenient for your portable use and carry.

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