Where to Install Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector?


It is suggested that the carbon monoxide gas detector should be installed in the garage, kitchen or furnace. To install the gas detector in these places might cause a disgusting alarm, or expose the instrument in materials which might damage or pollute the sensing probe. Or a person might hear the alarm in other parts of a house. There is some CO in the garage or automobile. The CO concentration will be very high when the engine is started, thus triggering the alarm.


The high-concentration CO might be generated in the kitchen, furnace, and some gas appliances. This is quite normal. If you put the alarm to close to gas appliances, the alarm triggered might be a kind of noise.


If you must put the gas detector close to the kitchen or heating devices, you should put the alarm apart from these items at certain distance. Do not install the alarm in places, which are dirty, dusty or oily, such as the kitchen, garage and house. The oily, dusty materials or chemicals for home use might pollute the sensing probe of the alarm, disabling the alarm to work normally. Do not block the ventilation port of the alarm. Install the carbon monoxide gas detector in places which will not be blocked by the curtain, furniture or other object. Do not install the alarm at place where the ventilation is poor, such as the ceiling. In these places, if the CO cannot immediately reach the sensing probe, the response of the alarm will be influenced.


Do not install the instrument under the strong wind of the ceiling fan or nearby the outdoor windows, the fresh air ventilation holes or any other well-ventilated places, because the rapid cyclic air or outdoor fresh air might influence the carbon monoxide gas detector response.


Do not install the instrument in places whose temperature is lower than 4℃ or higher than 38℃. These places include rooms, attics, corridors and garages. The extreme temperature will influence the sensitivity of the carbon monoxide gas detector.

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