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Home Monitoring Sensors for the Elderly

The main purpose of Home monitoring technology is to help the elderly live independently and safely in their own home for as long as possible. Sensors passively monitor the activity of your parents or elderly relative in their own home, establish behaviour patterns and if there’s anything out of the normal, raise an alarm.

Your parents may be a bit sensitive to the idea of “monitoring” their lives – who wouldn’t be.  The key words are “sensors” and “passive” – there is no Big Brother (you or anyone else) watching or recording their every move. Most of the elderly monitoring sensors in this article activate when something goes wrong – which likely means someone needs help.

There are different types of home sensors to monitor different things, and as technology improves, this list keeps growing. In this guide we will run through some of the main home sensors for the elderly you can buy as part of a home monitoring service.

Home monitoring service providers (sometimes known as “telecare” providers) differ in the amount of sensors they include and how customisable they are. For more information on providers and to find a solution that works best for your relative’s individual needs。

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