Monitor and Detector sensor


Monitor and Detector sensor

Smoke sensor: Fire prevention is achieved by monitoring the concentration of smoke.

Temperature sensor: to determine whether a fire occurs or not by monitoring changes in temperature.

Gas sensor: The gases produced by combustion that can be used as fire alarms mainly include CO, CO2, CH4, and H2, which can be used as the basis for fire detection.

In a large area of ​​forest, it is necessary to use video surveillance.

With the camera, it can monitor the surrounding environment in 360° without dead angle, so as to achieve remote observation and timely detection of small flames, so that managers can quickly block the fire source and prevent the spread. If the video character stacker is selected, the monitored meteorological data can also be synchronized to the monitoring screen, which is more clear at a glance.

When managers face emergencies such as someone breaking into a dangerous forest area, they can also use the camera’s voice calling function to remind and warn

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