How to ensure hospital fire safety


If medical work is the first lifeline of hospital patients, then hospital fire safety work is the second lifeline of the hospital. A hospital is a public place with a very high population density and a high flow of people. Different from other places, the hospital has its special characteristics. Inflammable and explosive products such as instruments, chemical reagents, and bedding in hospitals can easily become the “fuse” of hospital fires, and the fire risk factor is extremely high. Hospitals are full of medical staff and patients. Once a fire breaks out, it is very easy to cause mass casualties and casualties, resulting in irreparable and catastrophic consequences.
Severe fire problems in medical institutions

1. Insufficient fire protection infrastructure and facilities;

2. The power consumption load is large, and potential fire hazards are underestimated;

3. Neglecting the importance of fire protection construction and insufficient investment in fire safety;

4. Medical resources are tight, and the safety exit evacuation channels are not smooth;

Weiguo Technology’s smart fire protection solution for medical institutions realizes the Internet of Things transformation of fire protection facilities and equipment, and uniformly connects to the Xingtu smart fire management platform for centralized supervision. It can effectively improve the measures of civil defense, physical defense and technical defense, keep the hospital in a good operating state and safe state, effectively improve the fire management level of the hospital, so as to achieve effective fire prevention and control.

24-hour online monitoring of fire safety in the area

Deploy front-end intelligent equipment such as wireless smoke alarms, wireless gas alarms, electrical fire monitoring detectors, intelligent water pressure liquid level detectors, and video monitoring systems. Once a fire hazard is discovered, the Xingtu Smart Fire Management Platform can push it immediately Alarm information, fire investigation and disposal in a timely manner, to achieve all-round, full-time safety monitoring.


Big data visualization visually displays fire data

The Xingtu smart fire management platform can visualize the internal structure of the building with big data. The alarm information of the detector can be supervised by multiple people at the same time, and different areas can be supervised by hierarchical authority, so that one party can alarm, multiple parties can learn about it, and cooperate with each other to ensure the fire safety of buildings. .


Cloud intelligent multi-channel alarm

The unified central management platform covers core functions such as data access, calculation, storage, exchange, and management, and maximizes “early prediction, early detection, early elimination, and early rescue”. The management platform pushes the on-site alarm status information to the person in charge of the management through various methods such as telephone, SMS, WeChat, and PC.

Weiguo Technology improves and enhances the hospital’s fire safety management level and emergency response capabilities by building an innovative safety supervision and risk prevention and control system. Taking the hospital’s fire intelligence as an entry point, it extends to equipment management, risk management and control, and civil air defense systems. The security sector, through the digital management platform, clarifies the key links and management chain of hospital security governance, which can effectively improve the level of hospital security management and create a safe and reliable medical service environment.

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